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Thursday, 9 May 2013

This and That  Stampin Up!'s answer to SMASH books!

It is like scrapbooking on the go.
The kit has some lovely papers, some stickers, washi tape and the book to stick/glue it all in.
So a lovely notebook that you can add stuff to. Paste photos, add stickers and write down your random thoughts.
Women are hoarders...we keep the first movie ticket from our first date, the shells collected on the beach with our first boyfriend, the first card our daughter/son gave us for Mothers Day...
These items should ideally be kept in an old fashioned scrapbook. But who does?  not me...they are in a vanity case my mother gave me for my 14th birthday, and thats seen much better days. Then they went into the bottom drawer next to my bed.
My Friend who is into Feng Shui, says I need decluttering! I have so much 'Stuff', and she's right. But I don't want to get rid of it... its holding me back.
Hence the Scrapbook idea. I haven't time for that, but I can start to weed through my stuff and Cut and Paste, which is so therapeutic.

My daughter is going to get a This and That book for her birthday, and so are all her friends. Girls need a notebook to glue all their bits and bobs in. I like the fact you get pretty tape to stamp over, stickers that say what you want to say. Then you can stamp around and use all the different papers, oh my...I'm going to be busy!

However this kit is not only for Smashers or Scrapbookers, it is for card makers and paper crafters as well.
It's Mothers Day in Australia on Sunday and as usual I didn't post in time, apart from the fact I don't know where my Mum is, somewhere in Hervey Bay... so I am going to phone and direct her to this page as her card is here!

Another play around resulted in this card. I ran a 10km race on Bank Holiday Monday and was really pleased with my result, so this is for me. It will get into the This and That book when I am ready to start!

So for all those Amazing People our there, this ones for you!
 I think I may just get the hang of this soon!

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