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Saturday, 30 November 2013

What a wonderful new idea Stampin' Up! Has come up with.
Carve your own stamps!
This idea isn't new. In fact Lino printing has been around for simply years, I'm sure we all remember having cuts on our fingers at art class in school.  There's also an expensive machine you can buy that will  carve out stamps from images you create on your computer. However we offer the ability to carve your own artwork and make your own stamp. Now that is creative.  No one will have the exact same image that You will create and make your own!
We had the chance to play around with this at Convention and I was lucky enough to win one in Prize Patrol. Yippee...another reason to join my team and come to Brussels next year!
These are some of the examples  on display.

Carved by Laura and Angela

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